Here's what students and educators are saying:
  • "The best kept secret."
  • "What education should be - showing kids how they can take content and apply it to their life in a meaningful way."
  • "It answers the question, 'Why do I have to learn this?'"
  • "Career exploration and acceleration."
  • "A different way of learning."
  • "It builds life skills."

Career and technical education in Kentucky complements the traditional high school curriculum by offering students the chance to explore career options while still in school.  From health sciences and technology to agriculture and manufacturing, CTE classes are your chance to start applying what you learn in the classroom to "real life" and begin building your career.  Whether your plans after high school are to go directly into the workforce, attend a two-year technical college, go to a four-year college - or if you haven't made your post-high school plans yet - CTE may be for you! It's your life and your future.  Increase your chances for success.

Is CTE for me?

If you think the answer may be "yes", then keep exploring this site.  Then, talk to your parents and your guidance counselor or principal about getting started on the CTE path.

For further information, contact:

The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

The Kentucky Department of Education
Division of Career and Technical Education

KCTCS (Kentucky Community and Technical College System)